About Us

So where did Dimensions Online begin? The foundations for this incredible marketing company go all the way back to 1996. It was here, when the online gambling industry was in its infancy, that Josia Webers was first hired to help maintain InterTops, the first online sports book. Fresh out of University with a degree in Marketing, Webers gained a great deal of experience working with the InterTops team on various marketing and advertising campaigns. His time with InterTops helped propel the website’s popularity and cemented it as one of the premiere online gambling and sports betting sites of its time.

After being with InterTops for approximately three years, Webers met Carst Sleegers. Originally from Amsterdam, Sleegers had been working in an independent online marketing firm for several years. He had assisted with marketing campaigns for MicroGaming and other large online casino sites, and was preparing to take his experience and found his own firm. The two joined forces, and eventually founded Dimensions Online in the autumn of 1999.

To say it was a rocky start would be putting things very mildly. Although the online gaming scene was still relatively new at the time, the online marketing industry was not. The pair had to prove themselves time and again against larger, more established firms that possessed more capital. In the summer of 2000, they were joined by another online marketing heavyweight, Jessey van Olphen. Much like Webers, van Olphen had started by working directly for an online gaming site, and made the transition to marketing in the hopes of broadening his experience while working with multiple companies. After van Olphen joined the team, Dimensions began to see the first of its many well-known online gaming clients, and the rest is history. Along with that first client came others, and eventually the founding trio had earned enough to move out of the dilapidated office building that had been their headquarters and into a sleek, shiny new office in the heart of Rotterdam. That’s where they are to this day.

Today, Dimensions Online has grown from a small, three-man marketing firm into a multi-million dollar firm that boasts clients from numerous European countries. Hearing about their reputations, marketers and developers from other gaming sites and marketing firms have joined the team, giving their work a much more well-rounded perspective. With experience levels ranging from fresh out of University to decades in the industry, they can work together to provide whatever services a client might need. The company’s client base is just as diverse as their staff; Dimensions steps up to help the up-and-coming internet gaming start-ups just as readily as they assist the juggernaut gaming sites that boast billions of dollars in revenue. With clients such as Mr. Green, Unibet, and Kroon Casino, among many others, Dimensions Online has more than made its mark in the world of online gambling marketing.

What has facilitated their meteoric growth in the industry? Pinpointing one exact factor is impossible; it’s truly their entire approach that has made them so successful. When they’re hired by a site, their team immediately comes together and formulates ideas for marketing plans, social media marketing, and any other marketing required by their client. They treat every client as though they are high-rollers, regardless of the size or age of the site, and they will work tirelessly to ensure that their client continues to enjoy both an increased player base and increased revenues as time goes on. Whether their client has an online slots site, online sports betting, online poker, or any combination of games, they know they can find a trustworthy, hard-working team in Dimensions Online.