Our Clients

Here at Dimensions Online, we have had the unique privilege of working with some of the best online casinos on the web. Just as we teach our clients effective marketing and social media strategies, we also are constantly learning from our interactions with them, and taking those lessons to apply to interactions with future clients. Here is a sampling of our best clients, who sought our help with making their already-great sites even better!

Amsterdams Casino – This UK-based online casino hired Dimensions Online to assist with its social media and online reputation issues. On the site’s Facebook page there were several complaints regarding payouts from player accounts, along with links to reports about Amsterdams’ prior issues with fraud complaints. We sat down and helped the site owners devise an effective strategy to repair and bolster their online image. We worked with them to hire a social media manager who would engage with users on Facebook and other social media platforms and assist with answering questions and resolving issues. We also developed a sound plan for the site’s owners to respond courteously to users who had made complaints, offering ways to compensate them for any troubles they were experiencing. Within a few weeks, the client was noticing their online reputation improving. Users who were initially unhappy when they first complained were satisfied with the site’s responsiveness and resolutions.

Unibet – One of the earliest online casinos, Unibet retained our services in order to secure a strong player base that ensured future growth. It was particularly challenging as these were the days before social media as it’s now known, which meant we had to formulate a marketing plan that worked through more traditional means. We were able to create a combination of web ads, targeted blog posts, and keyword optimization to drive customer traffic to the site; now, nearly two decades later, Unibet is one of the largest online casinos and streams thousands of live events daily for its player base.

Kroon Casino – This client had the interesting challenge of having to appeal to both English speaking and Dutch speaking players in order to grow its player base. When we were brought on board with them, we immediately set to work creating viral marketing campaigns that appealed to both the Dutch market and English market, as well as separate campaigns for each respective market. We made sure to emphasize that players would enjoy their time on the site, regardless of which country they were playing from. We also worked with them on welcome bonuses for new players, which they have continued with great success.

Mr. Green – Based out of Malta, the heads of this online casino came to us to develop a good marketing strategy for their foray into mobile gaming. Mobile gaming can be either a positive or a negative for an online casino, we wanted to help them make sure it would end up as a positive. We started off by helping them establish a solid marketing campaign that would entice users to download the mobile app and use it regularly. We also helped them roll out an advertising campaign via their social media outlets that announced the new app, touted its benefits, and showed how fun online gambling on your phone can be. We also created an advertising campaign that touted the casino’s trial period for games; if a potential user wants to try the casino games on the site without depositing money and gambling, they are welcome to do so. And unlike some sites that offer time-restricted trials, we wanted to ensure that new players knew Mr. Green’s casino games would always remain free to play should they choose that option.

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